Federation of Cambodian Intellectuals and Students

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If you want to make a difference in Cambodia, join us!!!

If you are a STUDENT

FedCIS is seeking to recruit students who are currently studying at schools who ages are 18 years old up to be FedCIS Ambassador and want to get real practical work experience while they are studying. These Ambassadors are to serve as local representative of the FedCIS in their universities/schools. These Ambassadors are chosen to spread the values and principles of the organization as well as be key agents in their communities/schools. FedCIS Ambassador is a volunteer, part-time and un-paid job.

Responsibilities of the FedCIS Ambassador include:
  • Acting as a local resource person for the FedCIS
  • Popularizing the students actions, its values and principles and its work amongst youth groups in your community/university/schools
  • Leading in-campus organizing of students events and initiatives – e.g. planning International Youth Day, International Women Day, promoting the annual Essay Contest, Various Campaigns etc.
  • Serving as a liaison between local members and the FedCIS secretariat and a point of contact for new members in your university/school campus
  • Working closely with Leadership Board members to identify key issues and implementing new initiatives
  • Additional responsibilities as may be determined from time to time by the Leadership Board and Secretariat.

Benefits and advantages:
  • Will receive numerous trainings/workshops such as administration skills/facilitation and leadership development and much more
  • Gain practical work experience
  • Recommendation letter will be issued at the end of volunteerism period
  • Will get their practical leadership quality development through being trained and mentored to be active youth leaders in their schools and communities
  • Help to make change in the community and society as well as the nation as a whole.

Criteria requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years old student at schools and Khmer nationality
  • Willingness to learn and contribute their free times for the job
  • High commitment for spend their free times for volunteerism job for society
  • Willingness to make changes in society for betterment of Cambodia
  • Demonstrate a heart of loving human rights field work and democracy principles

For more information, please contact us at fedcis@fedcis.8m.net

For PROFESSIONALS & INTECTUALLS - Do you want to share your knowledge and experience to next generations?

Though you are junior or senior professionals or intellectuals but you have a good heart and willingness to share what you have either intellectual contribution or other kinds of contributions, you are welcoIme!


For example: You can come to diliver a speech on a workshop to "share your success story of your personal career/professsion" to the undergraduates or fresh gradudates.

Please contact us on the contact page if you are willing to help and share your talents!